Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 09

Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville
3555 Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Off the plane to the pool. After we relaxed for a bit we all ventured to the strip. We were all hungry from the plane ride so we ended up here. Not knowing that Jimmy Buffet had a beer brewed just for his restaurants we had to start our Vegas Brew quest. This is a Lone Palm Ale which Tim and I each had one with our two rounds of shots and a great lunch.

Ellis Island Brewery
4178 Koval Ln
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109

Amber (Ale)
Hefe Weiss (Ale)
Dark (Lager)
Light (Lager)

Tim and I went to Las Vegas for a Hospitality Convention. We had two days before the Convention started and invited two friends to join us for these two days. During our sight seeing we decided to check out a brew pub in the area. We happen to be at the opposite end of town so we jumped on the monorail. We got off at the Flamingo stop. As we exited the casino we could see the Brewery a few streets over. As you know if you have ever been to Vegas that building look much closer than they really are. We arrived hungry and thirsty. We headed to the brewery part of the building and proceeded to look for the bar to grab a beer. The host informed us that there was a 2 hour wait. Excuse me? We then went tot he bar which was on the other side of the casino. Really not that far. Yes they brew their own beers here but no one knew what a sampler was. Tim suggested to the bartender to fill up some glasses with each beer and we will pick one. Bringing these to the table we found that they did not serve food in the bar. We decided to drink the sampler and order a beer then we would venture onto the next brewery on the list. I was very disappointed in the watered down beers they were serving. This was my first impression of the breweries in Vegas. What a Bust this was. Well a 20oz Hefe Weiss was a dollar. Shit we all got one. It wasn't that bad.

Gordon Biersch Brewery
3987 Paradise Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

Golden Export
Czech Pilsner
Seasonal: Alt

So we left the cheap watered down beers for a chain Brewery. After walking something like 10 Vegas blocks in the wrong direction we stumbled upon the Hard Rock Casino. We stopped in for a pee then sat down at a Let it Ride table. Tim hit 4 Ace's and $800 something later we ended up at Gordon Biersch Brewery by taxi this time. We were starving by this time and was excited to order dinner. Tim and I had a beer sampler and both choose the Seasonal Alt. The interior was like any other chain restaurant fancy and clean. The food was great and the beers were very good.

Boulder Dam Brewing
453 Nevada Way
Boulder City Nevada 89005

Powder Monkey Pilsner
Hell's Hole Hefeiweizen
High Scaler IPA
Lake Mead Light
Rattlesnake Bite

Tim and I went to the Convention remember that is what we are in Vegas for. We decided to rent a car and drive to Boulder Dam. We knew of a brewery on the way. Again killing two birds with one stone we ordered lunch. I had a turkey sandwich and Tim had a Sausage. I wasn't that impressed with the food. Mostly a Bar menu. The beers were very interesting. The kettles were even more interesting. It is a all in one system, you pour in the ingredients and that's it. It mixes, brews, chills, and then you tap it. Some of the combinations were kinda weird. The Shandy was 1/2 Lemonade and 1/2 Pilsner. Rattlesnake Bite was 1/2 Cider and 1/2 Pilsner. Weird. They were still brewing their Stout and Amber. Tim and I both had the Hell's Hole Hefeweizen.

Big Dog Brewing
Big Dog Bar & Grill
1511 N. Nellis Blvd
Las Vegas, Nevada

Leglifter Light
Tailwagger Wheat
Holy Cow Original Pale Ale
Red Hydrant Ale
Big Dogs 38 Special
Dirty dog IPA
Black Lab Stout
Brewmaster Special

After spending the day at Hover Dam we decided since we had the rental car we would try to find some more of the Brew Pubs Las Vegas had to offer. Since I was not prepared I had no clue where we were supposed to be. Using 411 to call on a few that we had a list for and getting directions. We were looking for Big dogs Brewery which is on North Rancho. We stumbled upon Big Dogs Bar & Grill. They have the same beers just not brewed on location. We had the sampler and pot stickers. What we are finding that in Las Vegas was the Breweries like to use Clove and Banana in their Heffs. It pretty much taste like a wet dog smells like. Yuck!

Chicago Brewing Company
2201 S Fort Apache Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89117

All Nighter
Black Star
Hardway IPA
Old Town Brown
Ramblin' Reck Amber Ale
Weizenheimer Wheat
Blueberry Vanilla Wheat
Peach Ale
Belgian Saison

From the looks of the map we got at the car rental place Chicago Brewing Company was not to far away. Yep we found it. Again another sampler. Its such a great way to try them all. Tim and I are finding we both do not like the IPA's and should have them replaced with an additional dark beer. We keep forgetting so we have to down them. Well Tim has been drinking them and letting me enjoy the good ones. Yes I found a keeper. I decided to get a mug of the Blueberry Vanilla Wheat. Very tasty. Tim got the Old Town Brown. After talking to the bartender we found out that Las Vegas Breweries are fond of using flavoring instead of the real thing. Here in the NW if it says Apricot Ale you better believe it had the real fruit mixed in.

Main Street Station
Triple 7 Restaurant Brewery
300 N Main Street
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

High Roller
Marker Pale Ale
Royal Red Lager
Black Chip Porter
Triple 7 Brewmaster Irish Stout
Brewmasters Reserve:
Extra Barleywine

This morning Tim suggested since we still had the car we could drive up to the Stratopherefor lunch and enjoy the view. I had a Greek salad that was wonderful. It sure was windy on the observation deck. I cant believe the rides on the very top. There is no way I would ever do that. We had seen Main Street Station and Brewery from the Freeway the night before so we headed that way. This brewery is pretty big. They were real busy. Tim and I once again enjoyed a sampler. The Extra Barley wine is more of a malt @ 12%. We finished our sampler and headed to the casino for a chance at craps. We more than doubled our money and went to the Convention. After all that is what we were in Vegas for. Right?

Salmon Creek Brewery
108 W Evergreen Blvd
Vancouver, Washington

Golden Ale
India Pale Ale
Irish Red Ale
Scottish Ale
Sweet Stout
Thunderbolt Porter
Brother Larry's Belgian

Tim and i wanted to venture to Vancouver to add other city's to our quest. We decided to go here first and have dinner. We each ordered the Hazelnut crusted Halibut. The dinner was okay a little over prices I thought. The clientele was older but a nice place. After the sampler Tim and I shared a Thunderbolt Stout.

Hazel dell Brewery
8513 NE HWY 99
Vancouver, Washington 98665

Hazel Dell Golden
Imperial India Pale Ale
Stein Bock
Dry Hopped Red Zone
Red Zone Pale
Captian Vancouver's Stout
We walked in to what was more like a family restaurant. just beer and wine was served here. They were out of the Porters but had the Stout. We tried the sampler then headed back towards Portland.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse
Jantzen Beach
12105 N Center Ave.
Portland, Oregon

BJ's Brewhouse Blonde
Harvest Hefeweizen
Piranha Pale Ale
BJ's Jeremiah Red
BJ's P.M. Porter
Tatonka Stout
Nutty Brewnette
We were on our way to take me to work when I called in and told them I would be late. Three Breweries in one night was not a good idea. The beers were really good for a chain. We found out the brewery is in Reno and they ship to all the restaurants now. A sampler and off to work. I probably shouldn't say that Tim had two Rogue Nut Browns at my bar. Tim was not feeling to good Sunday morning.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

February 09

Portland Brewery-MacTarnahans Taproom
2730 NW 31st
Portland, Oregon

Tim and I needed to eat lunch before we ventured to the Sportsman Show at the Expo. Which is another new adventure for me all together. I was never really into hunting and I'm not sure if I am now either. There are some beautiful animals out there that's for sure. Some I have never seen before. Tim has a large collection of animals from all over the world he has hunted. I think I would like to go sometime maybe to just take pictures of these beautiful creatures in their habitat. I would feel terrible photographing them and then Tim buts a bullet in them. Well that is nature and survival I guess. OMG onto the beers please. Tim had the Mactarnahans Blackwatch Cream Porter and I enjoyed the Apricot Ale. For Dessert Tim had the Oregon Honey Beer.

Golden Valley Brewery and Pub
980 NE 4Th Street
McMinnville, Oregon

Red Thistle Ale
Grand Island Golden
Dundee Porter
Muddy Valley Oatmeal Stout
Third Street Wheat
Chehalem Mt. IPA
American Pale Ale
Geist Bock
Red Hill Pilsner

On our way to the Oregon Coast for the Family Christmas in February we stopped here with Tami, Cory and Family. Tim and I once again enjoyed the sampler tray. Tim picked the Third Street Wheat and I the Muddy Valley Oatmeal Stout. We also like the Red Thistle Ale, Tnnenbomb and Dundee Porter. Cute place at the end of old town McMinnville. The food here was very good as well. Good beer and Good food seem to go hand in hand.

McMenamins Lighthouse Brew Pub
4157 N Highway 101
Lincoln City, Oregon

As we got closer to Lincoln City we decided to stop and grab a quick beer before meeting up with the rest of the family. One of Tami's favorites is the Seasonal Kris Kringle so Tim ordered that for me. It was very good a little strong but with a touch of spice. Tim enjoyed a Sleepy Hallow Nut Brown. Time to meet up with the family.

Siletz Roadhouse-Siletz Brewery
243 N Gaither
Siltz, Oregon

Paddle Me IPA
Wooly Bully
Spruce Ale
Oatmeal Cream Stout
Black Diamond Imperial Porter
Lovin Lager
Red Ale
Chocolate Porter

After calling their number which was disconnected and then asking the locals if this place even exsisted we found it and well worth it. The location was nothing to be desired. Half of the brewery letters on the building had fallen off. The building where the bar was looked like a run down restaurant. When we went inside it looked like they were remodleing. We sat at the bar and of course ordered a sampler. As we warmed up to the bartender we found out that the Siletz Brewery go bought by Albany Brewing the kettles and all. She did tell us they would be carring the beers on draft and in bottles. The beers were surprisingly good, very good. The bartender was very knowledageable about the beers telling us about some of the ingrediance. Tim had the Spruce Ale it is made with real Spruce buds. didnt know that. It was a shame that this Brewery was 30 minutes from Newport and had such great beer. I'm sure alot of people have no clue that this is a great find. I really didnt notice the rundown place after the delicius Chocolate Porter touched my lips. WOW I had never tasted such a wonderful Porter. It was like double chocolate. I would drive there today just to have another.

Rogue-Brewer's On The Bay
2320 OSU Drive
Newport, Oregon

Okay so we couldnt go to Newport without hitting Rogue Nation. Tim and I had two sampler trays. They have 40 beers on tap. You get to choose 4 at a time to sample. After we ordered them and the bartender brought them to us we had to laugh. Out of the 8 beers we wanted to try only 1 we could see threw. Liking the dark beers. Tim and I pretty much have the same taste it makes it nice when we want to share a beer and we then can have another. These micro's are srtong most of them 5-8%. You have one and want another. Then your on your A**. Tim could not pass up the chance to have a Hazlenut Brown. I had the Hazlenut Hazlenut Brown. Yum Yum!! Oh yha we split a french dip. It was very good. Dave the off duty bartender was very helpful and the rest of the staff was great. It filled up fast in the bar as well as a line of about 15 to get into the dinning area. Well worth it.

McMenimins Lighthouse Brew Pub
4157 N Highway 101
Linclon Cith, Oregon

On our way home we had to stop for a beer oh and lunch. Tami, Cory and the kids joined us aswell. We ordered a pitcher of Hleepy Hallow Nut Brown. Tim, Tami, and Cory had a second pitcher and I had a Ruby Red.

Janurary 09

Pelican Pub & Brewery
33180 Cape Kiawanda Drive
Pacific City, Oregon

Kiwanda Cream Ale
MacPelican Scottish Style Ale
India Pelican Ale
Dorryman's Dark Ale
Tsunami Stout
Seasonal:Bridal Ale

Tim and I started our Beer Quest on my Birthday weekend in Pacific City. We had a sampler tray which is the best way to taste all the beers a brewery offers with out having a pint of each one and then on your ass for the rest of the day or night. We try to make it a combo stop and had lunch as well. I have been here several times and the food has always been great. The view of the ocean was nice as we sat by the windows. Often you can watch an Oregon surfer or catch a bridal party taking pictures with the crashing waves in the background. Pelican Pub has a large banquet room suitable for Wedding receptions or any special event. Its a great stop on our way home from Lincoln City to Scappoose.

Green Dragon Bistro & Brew Pub
928 SE 9Th Ave
Portland, Oregon

This is a Rogue Brewery but has still kept the Green Dragon name. A well known Pub in Portland. The first time I visited this Pub it was for Santacon. 200 Santa's drinking beer, what a sight. But, that was in 2008 and doesn't count. This time Tim and I took His Daughter Tami and Son in law Cory to enjoy dinner and some beers. No sampler this trip, we ordered a pitcher of Alaskan Smoked Porter.

Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, Oregon

Hub Lager
Hopworks IPA
Velvet ESB
Crosstown Pale Ale
Deluxe Organic Ale
Survival Stout

Natalie had suggested this spot, so here we are. Tim and I had a sampler and Dinner. For dinner I had the Pear and Walnut Salad. Tim had a big ol sausage. Natalie's suggestion was the Velvet ESB it was a toss up between that one and another one that I didn't write down. Tim had the Survival Stout. This place was pretty cool Bicycle friendly with the interior displaying used bicycle frames above the bar area. A Large Dinning room and a cozy bar. A little too trendy for me but the beers were good.

Lucky Lab Brew Pub
915 SE 9Th Ave
Portland, Oregon

I met up with Tim and A hunting Buddy Dave for a quick hello on my way to work. Tim had lunch Chicken Bento as always. Yes, we have been here before also. This is why we are doing this. We had enjoyed going to brew pubs and Tim enjoyed introducing me to these great beers called Micorbrews. I was you could say a "Bud Light" girl. Finding my new love for the Porters and Stouts with their rich chocolate flavor. Tim and I know this quest would be a treat for both of out taste buds. Before I arrived Tim and Dave had already downed a pitcher of Reggies Red.

New Old Lompoc
1616 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon

Fool's Golden Ale
Condor Pale Ale
Centennial IPA
C-note Imperial Pale
Proletariat Red
Lompoc Strong Draft
Sockeye Cream Stout

A new place for me but, upon arriving Tim noticed he had been here before. We shared a sampler tray to see what we might like. We were also going to have dinner. Tim choose the Sockeye Cream Stout and I the LSD Lompoc Strong Draft. We both also liked the Centennial IPA which is weird because we are finding that the IPA's have an after taste that we both do not care for. This is the great thing about this adventure. Each Brewery makes their beers a little different. Not only are the beers different but the atmosphere and people are different too. Some buildings are old some are new. Some are tucked away great finds and some are ones you wish you never found. The food was great here as well I dint remember what we had. At this point of the quest I had not been taking notes like I am now. remember I am catching you up to speed on the quest January and February.

Philadelphia's Cheese Steak & Brew Pub
6410 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, Oregon

This was a great Saturday afternoon. Tim and I went Antique shopping in the Sellwood area. Okay so my man loves me. Well two shops and he was ready for a beer. We decided to stop at this brewery. It is famous for their Philly Steak Hoggies. Tim had the Spectrum Amber and ordered me a Ben Franklin Brown. We just had to have one of their famous Cheese steak Hoggies. Tim and I split one they looked huge. They were so good. I bet I could of ate the whole thing. Well you have to save room for beer. We each had an Imperial Stout then off to work for me. Wow those dark beers really kick your a**.


Tim and I have a quest for 2009. We are going to see how many different breweries we can visit and how many different micobrews we can drink. Wow I will have to put a little more time in at the gym for this one. Tim and I are not doing this because we want to judge and critique the breweries or beers. This is just for fun. I am hoping to have lots of information for all of you so you may visit these places yourself. This is just something new and exciting to do together and I might even learn something in the process. So please join me as I get you all up to speed as I imput the first two months. Here we go!