Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Janurary 09

Pelican Pub & Brewery
33180 Cape Kiawanda Drive
Pacific City, Oregon

Kiwanda Cream Ale
MacPelican Scottish Style Ale
India Pelican Ale
Dorryman's Dark Ale
Tsunami Stout
Seasonal:Bridal Ale

Tim and I started our Beer Quest on my Birthday weekend in Pacific City. We had a sampler tray which is the best way to taste all the beers a brewery offers with out having a pint of each one and then on your ass for the rest of the day or night. We try to make it a combo stop and had lunch as well. I have been here several times and the food has always been great. The view of the ocean was nice as we sat by the windows. Often you can watch an Oregon surfer or catch a bridal party taking pictures with the crashing waves in the background. Pelican Pub has a large banquet room suitable for Wedding receptions or any special event. Its a great stop on our way home from Lincoln City to Scappoose.

Green Dragon Bistro & Brew Pub
928 SE 9Th Ave
Portland, Oregon

This is a Rogue Brewery but has still kept the Green Dragon name. A well known Pub in Portland. The first time I visited this Pub it was for Santacon. 200 Santa's drinking beer, what a sight. But, that was in 2008 and doesn't count. This time Tim and I took His Daughter Tami and Son in law Cory to enjoy dinner and some beers. No sampler this trip, we ordered a pitcher of Alaskan Smoked Porter.

Hopworks Urban Brewery
2944 SE Powell Blvd
Portland, Oregon

Hub Lager
Hopworks IPA
Velvet ESB
Crosstown Pale Ale
Deluxe Organic Ale
Survival Stout

Natalie had suggested this spot, so here we are. Tim and I had a sampler and Dinner. For dinner I had the Pear and Walnut Salad. Tim had a big ol sausage. Natalie's suggestion was the Velvet ESB it was a toss up between that one and another one that I didn't write down. Tim had the Survival Stout. This place was pretty cool Bicycle friendly with the interior displaying used bicycle frames above the bar area. A Large Dinning room and a cozy bar. A little too trendy for me but the beers were good.

Lucky Lab Brew Pub
915 SE 9Th Ave
Portland, Oregon

I met up with Tim and A hunting Buddy Dave for a quick hello on my way to work. Tim had lunch Chicken Bento as always. Yes, we have been here before also. This is why we are doing this. We had enjoyed going to brew pubs and Tim enjoyed introducing me to these great beers called Micorbrews. I was you could say a "Bud Light" girl. Finding my new love for the Porters and Stouts with their rich chocolate flavor. Tim and I know this quest would be a treat for both of out taste buds. Before I arrived Tim and Dave had already downed a pitcher of Reggies Red.

New Old Lompoc
1616 NW 23rd Ave
Portland, Oregon

Fool's Golden Ale
Condor Pale Ale
Centennial IPA
C-note Imperial Pale
Proletariat Red
Lompoc Strong Draft
Sockeye Cream Stout

A new place for me but, upon arriving Tim noticed he had been here before. We shared a sampler tray to see what we might like. We were also going to have dinner. Tim choose the Sockeye Cream Stout and I the LSD Lompoc Strong Draft. We both also liked the Centennial IPA which is weird because we are finding that the IPA's have an after taste that we both do not care for. This is the great thing about this adventure. Each Brewery makes their beers a little different. Not only are the beers different but the atmosphere and people are different too. Some buildings are old some are new. Some are tucked away great finds and some are ones you wish you never found. The food was great here as well I dint remember what we had. At this point of the quest I had not been taking notes like I am now. remember I am catching you up to speed on the quest January and February.

Philadelphia's Cheese Steak & Brew Pub
6410 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, Oregon

This was a great Saturday afternoon. Tim and I went Antique shopping in the Sellwood area. Okay so my man loves me. Well two shops and he was ready for a beer. We decided to stop at this brewery. It is famous for their Philly Steak Hoggies. Tim had the Spectrum Amber and ordered me a Ben Franklin Brown. We just had to have one of their famous Cheese steak Hoggies. Tim and I split one they looked huge. They were so good. I bet I could of ate the whole thing. Well you have to save room for beer. We each had an Imperial Stout then off to work for me. Wow those dark beers really kick your a**.

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